To Kickstart or Not

Hey everyone, I’m just doing some house keeping via an update on the anthology and where everything stands.


This operation is a humble project. I want to be transparent about that. It will be epublished and printed on demand for the physical copies.


About the possible Kickstarter:


There are many benefits to running a Kickstater. Funding and exposure for our time travel anthology being the main perks.  However, there are some draw backs. I’ve been contacted by some authors with concerns after hearing that I was doing a Kickstarter. What happens if the Kickstarter doesn’t fund? Are you going to cancel or change your pay rates? There’s definitely a stigma if I run a Kickstarter. If the campaign fails, we don’t want that to stain our image either.


The successful kickstarters that I have studied came from well established editors teamed with authors like Scott Lynch. Zombies Need Brains was able to fund $15,000 for their last project. That’s impressive, but I am not sure how realistic it is for our little anthology to fund like that.


I want to reassure the authors that have been submitting their stories. I’ve already secured an investor for this anthology. My idea for the Kickstarter was to help fund the book. Not fund it entirely. The 6 cent pro rates are solid. That isn’t changing. However, if we decide to run a Kickstarter, the more successful it becomes, the more authors we can include. And possibly, the more we can pay.


With all that said, I’m curious what the authors have to say about Kickstarter. Should we run one? Do you see a lot of folks backing our project? If you have an opinion, let me know.


On to cooler topics. We need a name. Many have been suggested. I posted on social media and had well over 40 suggestions, some of them serious. Have an idea? Feel free to email us a name or post in the comments. If we choose yours, we’ll email you a free e-copy of the anthology for your contribution!


Authors Auston Habershaw and Martin Shoemaker will be our anchor authors for the anthology. They both have great contributions that we can’t wait to share with the world. Auston is the author of The Oldest Trick published by Harper Voyager. Martin is the author of Today I am Paul, a Hugo worthy short if ever I’ve read one.

Thanks for stopping by. I am grateful for your support. Continue to submit! For your time travel fix, check out Tim Napper’s blog on the subject

Or watch Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared Episode 2: