Response Times, Voices and Homework

We are up on Submission Grinder!

We’ve been receiving some great submissions. As much as I’d like to keep reading this awesome slush forever, I’m updating the submission page to say we’re closing submissions on January 1st because I have some other creative commitments early next year. Because of all these wonderful submissions, we may take a while getting back to you. Query if you haven't heard back from us by February of 2016.

Here’s some more detail on what we need in the anthology: We want a variety of voices and would like to showcase a diverse cast of voices and ideas involving time travel. We are suckers for genre and sub-genre mashups. Create a unique voice, combine some sub-genres, have interesting characters and make it all work, we'll fall in love with your story.

Don’t know what to write? Or maybe you have some writer’s block? Here’s some homework that might help you through it. These are a few of my favorite time travel short stories:

Needle in a Timestack and When We Went to See the End of the World by Robert Silverberg. All You Zombies by Heinlein. Respectively you can find them here, here and here.