Slush Update!

To everyone who submitted, thank you. Your stories have been fantastic. Yes, even the ones I rejected. Yes. Even the form rejections.


To everyone who is still awaiting a response, hang tight. I’m a writer too. I just received a contract on a story that I’d had pending for 160 days. I understand the nagging thoughts that pester your mind as you await a response. Did she read it? How many are left that I’m up against? I think I’ll go check Submission Grinder for the hundredth time. I'd tell you to chill, but I know I never can.


Here’s the news. Right now every story has been read. It’s going to take a few more weeks for me to decide which stories will make the most diverse and well rounded time travel themed anthology for my taste. Stay tuned. If you haven’t heard back from me by this time next month, feel free to query.


Oh yeah. Contracts are in order (a few have been sent). Chappy Fiction Inc paper work has been filed. We’re legit.