Chappy Fiction’s Time Travel Tales Update!

It’s been a while since I’ve made a formal update on Chappy Fiction’s Time Travel Tales. I’m sorry about that. This has been a busy year for me. I sold an option to Talisman Films and am still very much involved in writing for the project. I’ve also started a new day job, so my days are packed!

First, I’d like to thank everyone who submitted. I read many fantastic stories, and so did my friends and slush readers Nick Tchan, Daniel Shallue, and Lou J Berger. But we can’t publish every story! BTW, these three guys… Fantastic.

So, all contracts are signed, all payments have been made—speaking of, I had this feeling when paying the last author. I’d just received funds in my PayPal account from a short story sale. Something about getting paid for writing, then paying an author for their writing with those same funds is extremely satisfying. Paying writers for their work feels awesome. Using your own writing money to do it… magical? Like when you land play of the game with Hanzo in competitive Overwatch.

Anyways… who are those authors that I paid? And what did I pay them for? Here’s the table of contents.

Auston Habershaw - The Day it All Went Sideways
Martin L Shoemaker - Visits (with a Stranger)
Tony Pi - Dragon Father's Wounds
Stewart Baker - Proceedings from the First and Only Sixteenth Annual One-Woman Symposium on Time Manipulation
H.L. Fullerton - Grandma Was a Time Machine
Desmond Warzel - I Only Time-Travel During School Hours
Brenda Anderson - A Murder of Crows
SL Huang - The Documentarian
K. Kazul Wolf - Come One, Come All
Steve Simpson - Danta in Black
Brian Trent - Omnipunks
Rasheedah Phillips - The Convention
Alter Reiss - If the Stars Reverse their Courses, if the Rivers Run Back from the Sea
David Steffen - A Switch in Time
Catherine Wells -  Into the Desolation
Alisa Alering - Absolute Pony
John Frochio - The Time Traveler's Accountant
Rosemary Claire Smith - Not with a Bang
Robert Silverberg - When We Went to See the End of the World
Sean Williams - A Map of the Mines of Barnath

We’re still on schedule for a release on or before December 1st. In the next month or so, be on the lookout for the cover art reveal! Oh yeah, and I'll be updating the site too. This theme's real shitty.