Women's History Month / Comic Books

"Women's History Month is an annual declared month that highlights the contributions of women to events in history and contemporary society." -- Wikipedia. So, since we’re nearing the end of March, I wanted to highlight my favorite comic books created by women. These are some of my favorite books of all time, starring some awesome women protagonists! I’ve provided the links where you can grab them on Comixology.

First up is Bitch Planet written by Kelly Sue Deconnick and rendered by Valentine De Landro. This is an ongoing series, and has two volumes out at the moment. It takes place in a patriarchal dystopia where women who don’t conform to a submissive 1950’s American standard are shipped off to a prison planet. There’s a longest yard plot element thrown in that involves an ultra-violent sport. This is feminist exploitation, with some great art.

Next up is another one written by Deconnick, Pretty Deadly (illustrated by Emma Rios). This is a surreal weird western about Death’s daughter. It has a folklore feel where animals are portrayed as humans and the arcs are all mythical. There are two trades of this one out too. Before I move on to the next one, I think it’s worth pointing out that Deconnick’s 2012 reboot of Captain Marvel is worth reading and a great introduction to the character. It’s probably what the upcoming MCU movie starring Brie Larson will be based on.

Monstress written by Marjorie Liu and drawn by Sana Takeda was my favorite comic of 2016. It’s the only comic book series that I’m actually subscribed to (I usually grab trades and singles willy-nilly). It feels like an earlier Final Fantasy game, only much, much darker and with some Cthulhu thrown in there. It’s epic Asianic fantasy set in a matriarchal world full of war, magic and intrigue. Each panel is a work of art. Vol. 1 is on sale right now for $6.99.

Nimona written AND illustrated by Noelle Stevenson. This is a complete graphic novel about Nimona, a shapeshifting super villain that terrorizes villages. It’s charming, heartwarming and good for all ages. Here's a few panels:

Stevenson's humor rocking those panels

Lastly, Marvel’s Patsy Walker, A.K.A. Hellcat! by Kate Leth and Brittney Williams is worth picking up. Forget what you saw of the character in Netflix’s Jessica Jones. This comic feels like a mix between an Archie comic and a Marvel comic. The first arc starts off with Patsy losing her job as She-Hulk’s personal legal assistant and ends with her saving the world from an Asgardian sorceress. It’s funny and contemporary.

Psst! Go back and look at those links! If you act fast, you can grab all of these for less than $20. That's like one craft beer in Austin!

Time Travel Tales is here!

It's been a long year since I opened Chappy Fiction up to Time Travel submissions. Just yesterday we officially released the book! You can grab it on Amazon here. It will be available on ibooks, nook and other online retailers shortly. You should also be able to order it from bookstores too! Here's a peak at the front cover!

The cover! In all its glory!

The cover! In all its glory!

So what's next? I've gotta market it. That means blasting my social media with tons of temporal activity. I've also got an ad coming out in my favorite podcast Geeks Guide to the Galaxy, a podcast for SF fans, fiction lovers, geeks and other scum and villainy that would likely be interested in reading time travel short fiction. Lastly, I'm going to design some flyers and stick 'em in some local Austin spots. It was my wife's idea to use QR codes that when scanned will land on the amazon page (or maybe a splash page, I haven't decided). We're going to get creative with it and push the whole time travel theme.

Anyways, here's some long overdue thanks:

I'm grateful to all of the authors, Brian Trent, Catherine Wells, Sean Williams, Stewart C Baker, Robert Silverberg, HL Fullerton, Auston Habershaw, Brenda Anderson, SL Huang, Tony Pi, Steve Simpson, K Kazul Wolf, Rasheedah Phillips, Martin L Shoemaker, Alter Reiss, David Steffen, John A Frochio, Alisa Alering, Desmond Warzel, and Rosemary Claire Smith, my amazing friends and family Dan Chapman, Taylor Fox, Daniel Shallue, Nick Tchan, Daniel Jose Older, Kyle Shepherd, Lou J Berger, Alex Shvartsman and Dan McCarthy.

Time Travel Anthology Call for Submissions

ChappyFiction LLC is now accepting submissions to its new science fiction/fantasy anthology on Time Travel (title pending).

The anthology will contain new short stories centered around time travel. How does it affect our society, our humanity, or the characters? We want new stories. Create paradoxes. Make us laugh. Make us cry. If you have a killer reprint, query us first before submitting.


We prefer stories under 7,000 words. We will look at stories over that, but the longer the story is, the better it has to be. We want to include many authors, so shorter stories will have the edge.


We're not picky. However, standard MS format will communicate to us that you're professional. Pink text on a black background will make our eyes bleed. In a bad way. Send over a doc or docx attached to your email. In the body of your email, write a quick, short cover letter. List sales. Don't summarize your story. Put the word count and your contact info somewhere in the cover letter. In the subject line put "Submission: (title of your story)". Send email to chappyfiction at gmail.com. We will close the submission period sometime in January 2016.

UPDATE! We accept multiple submissions.


6 cents a word. That's pro rates! Word! Upon acceptance, you'll receive an industry standard contract (6 months exclusivity, with the exception to year's best anthologies).

What not to do:

Do not submit stories that don't contain Time Travel! It'll be a waste of your time and our time. And you'll be black listed from future Chappy Fiction anthologies!