Published Fiction:

The Console published in Nature 549 2017 Read for free on Nature Futures

Horror on Habitat Seven on Star Ship Sofa 2017 Listen on Star Ship Sofa

Dagon in the West (A Spellslinger Story) on Tales to Terrify 2017 Listen on Tales to Terrify

Wolf and Dragon in Heroic Fantasy (A Lyn of Golbez Story) 2017 Order on Flame Tree's Website

Rick and the Green Gunslinger (A Spellslinger Story) 2017 Read on Persistent Visions

Queenpin of the Wastes published in Futuristica Volume II 2017 Order on Amazon

Time Travel Tales published by Chappy Fiction 2016 Order on Amazon

Between Screens podcasted on Star Ship Sofa October 2015 Listen on Star Ship Sofa

Ghost Farm published in Chilling Ghost Short Stories October 2015 Order on Amazon

Telescope Man published on Unsung Stories July 2015 Read online at Unsung Stories

Between Screens published in Writers of the Future Volume 31 April 2015 Order on Amazon

Pale Brother published in Feast of the Dead (out-of-print)


Seawolves and the Endless Ship (A Lyn of Golbez Story) on Tales to Terrify.

The Clockwork Canavar publishing in Steampunk Universe Find out more here.

Wolf and Dragon in DIGITAL FANTASY FICTION Anthology (Reprint)


Books and Beer Episode 3: Cyberpunk. Listen on

Books and Beer Episode 2: Proto Cyberpunk. Listen on

Books and Beer Episode 1: Haunted House. Listen on

The Breakfast Pub Episodes 156 and 157. Listen on (must be a subscriber)

DEERMAN Inbetweener. Listen on DEERMANBegins.

The Foreigner Review. Listen on OneOfUs.Net.

Battle of the Sexes Review. Listen on OneOfUs.Net.

The Story Behind The Story: The Console. Read on Nature.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle Review. Listen on

The Defenders Season One Review. Listen on OneOfUs.Net.

The Breakfast Pub Episode 142. Listen on (must be a subscriber)

Valerian Review. Read or listen on

Geeks Guide to the Galaxy Episode 200. Listen on GGG.

Flame Tree Press Author Q&A Read on their blog Part 1 and Part 2.